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Hiring a Wedding Planner (Coordinator, Consultant)

This is a very personal decision. As a long time planner I, of course, am a big fan of wedding planners. A great planner will help you with tasks that you don’t particularly enjoy doing, and he/she will have good ideas on vendors who will work well with your budget and style. Most importantly, on the wedding day, he/she will relieve you and your family and friends of the hours of hard work that go into making your wedding day run smoothly. You will be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day knowing your wedding wishes and dreams will take place just as you planned. Your planner is a budget counselor, advocate, sounding board, advisor, mediator and problem solver. On one of the most important days of one’s life, every bride and groom will benefit extraordinarily from having a multi-talented planner.
Planners work in many different ways with their clients. Some will only work with you if you want her to plan from beginning to end, others will work with you just on the wedding day. Perfect Wedding Guide is filled with long lists of professional planners across the mass of budget and service ranges. You may want to interview a few to see if one would make your wedding day just a little better and stress-free.
If you decide to interview a planner, the following pages feature a chart with some recommended questions:
On the next page are questions I highly recommend using for interviewing a planner, since it is very important to be able to talk freely with him or her. I suggest these questions because it is very important to have a conversation. Aside from the planner’s experience and expertise, his
or her personality is the key to a perfect wedding day. Even if you are completely happy and walking on air on your wedding day, there is no doubt the day will have some stress. You want to make sure the planner who will be at your side is someone who soothes you and makes you
feel comfortable. If anything about the planner screams“control freak,” or makes you just plain uneasy; walk away. There are many, many other planners available to interview.

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