venue contract questions part2

7. Where are the parking lots // loading zones?
8. How accessible is the space?
9. Do you offer anything to offset seasonality issues?
10. Do you have bride // groom rooms on site?
11. How’s the lighting at night?
12. Where are the outlets // breakers?
14. Where are the restrooms, and how many do you have?
15. What’s your standard layout?
16. How many events will you have the day of my event?
15. Who does what tear down?

Vendors and Rentals
17. Do you have catering offered on site, or if we bring in our own, what does the prep space look like for them?
18. What, if any, are the alcohol restrictions?
19. What are the decor (especially hanging) restrictions?
20. What rentals come with the site?

venue contract question part1 many hours are included ?

2. will there be a staff member on site throughout the whole event?

3. can we have the rehearsal and dinner here?

4. when does music need to be off by?

5. who needs liability insurance?

6. is security required?

part 2 tomorrow