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Events are a special time, especial our big day in that beautiful white dress and probably barefoot. But these days are your time to shine ladies and gents. It is your day to be casual and get then get a little crazy, even in office parties. We all have our moments and sometimes they get boring, so spice it up and instead of stressing and being frustrated trying the do-it-yourself style, get an event planner to plan in to the T and have that fun and exciting energy out there with you.

Here at Stephanie’s Events, we bring your events and parties to life. We make your day the most memorable and bring your shyness out into the open to the fun side. You’re never alone when you come to us, we take care of you and always make it YOUR day, not ours or anyone else. Yours.

Everyone has those times where they don’t know what they want and have become very stuck. Stephanie Events is the place to go for full service event planning.

We give you a complete event plan, full service plan with everything you need, want and would make your event top of the year.

What you want, what you think we should suggest and everything else you are looking at trying are what you get at affordable prices.

You don’t pay an arm and two legs here, we give you a great affordable quote that meets all your needs and wants.

We look forward to making your day the best and funniest day for your events!